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A sample of our political commentary on Youtube at MVConsultingInc

A live event we covered for Broome County Adopt-A-Park

You can also follow the comments of our president, Michael "Vass" Vasquez, on his Facebook account - https://www.facebook.com/ElectMichaelVasquezNY
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Welcome to M V Consulting, Inc.

M V Consulting, Inc. is a diversified private company involved in all aspects of internet communications, online sales, political commentary, Social media and more. Take a moment and look through the site to learn more about our activities.

M V Consulting is committed to providing the best quality and highest standards in every action we take. We value our clients and visitors at our politcal and entertainment blogs, as well as online e-commerce stores. Our first and foremost priority is quality.

Political commentary and coverage

If you have interest in politics - national through to the local including coverage of elections, politicians, and issues of the day - we invite you to check our most recent post found at VASS - political commentary. Our coverage was selected by TV One for the 2008 Presidential election. In 2010 we provided in depth coverage of the Tea Party, Congressional and State races. We continue to provide insight and interviews from the local to Federal levels of politics. In 2016 we also created the NO Soundbites Allowed podcast (available free on iTunes).

VASS - political commentary, provides political coverage that avoids soundbite 30-second politics; providing full in-context quotes and video, and relevant sources. We also provide interviews with politicans, checking up on the campaign promises and the actual actions of elected officials.

Since 2008 we have had interviews with Ed Cox Chairman of the New York State GOP; Madison County Conservative Party Chairman Chris Kendall; former Mayor Matt Ryan (Democrat) of Binghamton, NY; Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo (Democrat); Binghamton City Councilman Giovanni Scaringi (Republican); Broome County Sheriff David Harder; in addition to multiple candidates running for elected office (like Rich Purtell of Libertarian Party) during election years.

All of which says nothing of our coverage of news events like:
  • 2016 Federal and State Candidate Forum in Vestal, NY
  • Terrorist bombing in NYC
  • The Binghamton Civic Center shooting
  • Ed Koch's endorsement in the 2010 election
  • Analysis of Government reports like the monthly BLS Unemployment data
  • The impact of Obamacare and new or proposed legisalation
  • Plus press releases and news events from various elected officials

    NO Soundbites Allowed - podcast - is the location of our weekly discussion on the issues that matter. Discussion ranges from the impact of the 2016 presidential election on Supreme Court nominees to interviews with elected politicians and candidates from across the country.

    There is only one rule for host Michael "Vass" Vasquez - more or less affectionately known as the "Dragon of the Southern Tier" - no soundbites or political bullet points, just real thoughts and opinions.

    Recent interviews include:
  • Binghamton NY Councilwoman Dani Cronce (Dem)
  • NY State Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo (Dem)
  • Town of Owego NY Supervisor and Tioga County GOP Chairman Don Castellucci (Republican)
  • NY-27 Representative Chris Collins (Republican)
  • Nevada District 7 State Sentate candidate Kim Schjang (Libertarian)
  • Colorado Senatorial candidate Lily Tang Williams (Libertarian)

    Political Consulting services

    After years of political research, coverage of news events, interviews with politicians and the public, we have gained extensive knowledge of laws and amendments, the policymakers that created them, and the impact on the public. While not the traditional route to become political consultants, we have gained real world experience in connecting politics to people.

    Our real world experience has helped us work with campaigns in Georgia (local race), and New York (local and Federal races), including that of M V Consulting president Michael "Vass" Vasquez run for Congress.

    From speech writing to opposition analysis, from debate preparation to press releases. We have worked with candidates on all aspects of their communications, advertising, and public image.

    We understand what a candidate needs, and communication is the key. Pleae see our Political Consulting division for more details.

    Video production and editing services

    Maybe you want to advertise a product, or reach voters about an election. Perhaps you want to share a moment of your life - a wedding, a graduation, a funny moment during vacation. Whatever that moment might be, we can create a video/advertisement that will allow you to share it with the public via our Video production division.

    We have years if experience in creating and editing video of everything from news events, interviews with politicians, political campaign television ads, to a simple car wash video for youtube. We can suit consumer or corproate needs.

    We have created hundreds of Youtube videos, DVD's for personal use, produced a complete television segment for public access television broadcast, and multiple political ads (several seen on TV). We are sure we can match the need you have too.

    Entertainment reviews and commentary

    For those interested in entertainment - celebrity news, movie previews and reviews, television show commentary, interviews with independent film directors, major sports events and occassional social commentary on national events - we suggest our Black Entertainment USA site.

    Over the years we have covered the Tribeca Film Festival, had interviews with directors (Ronald K. Simons, Abigail Disney, Bette Gordon, Andrew Cockburn, and Dennis Dortch), and presented reviews of the latest movies and anime. We have also provided coverage of various video games (Star Wars Online, RIFT, ect.).

    Occassionally there are more serious subjects that come up involving entertainment. Like the OJ Simpson trial, Wesley Snipes vs IRS, Don Cheadle's efforts to save Darfur, and Nobel Prize nominee Cynthia Basinet's work for women's rights internationally. We cover it all.

    Clothing, Jewlery, and Fashion asseccories - currently on hold as we redesign

    See our unique designer clothing lines and products at our online store, World of Vass, where you can browse through 1500+ items many of which feature our fashion models displays.

    If you prefer fashion accessories like, handmade rings, pendants, earrings, chalices, bracelets, watches, and dozens of other fashion products - made of authentic English Pewter and valuable Swarovski crystals visit Alchemy at Vass.

    Your comments and questions are always welcome. We enjoy hearing your thoughts on our company and the endeavors we are engaged in. Contact us and give us your feedback or ask us a question.

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  • To learn about the citations for M V Consulting, Inc. and President Michael Vass - click here.

    To learn about M V Consulting, Inc. President Michael Vass - click here.

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