Welcome to M V Consulting, Inc.

I hope that you find the sites of our Company to be interesting and informative. It is my most deep desire to provide you with an enjoyable and insightful view of the news and events that are in the headlines of news media or involving entertainers and celebrities worldwide. It is my desire to provide the highest quality in supplying attractive unique designer clothing lines, handmade fashion and accessories. It is our goal to provide the services you desire and need for your internet endeavours.

I realize that there are multiple sites on the internet that may touch upon many of the same services, consulting, and blogs that we present. The growth of the blogshpere has made it even more difficult to sort out where the information you seek may be hiding. Many companies propose to be able to do search engine optimization (SEO), online shopping for every niche that exists, video production, political commentary, and so much more.

So I’m glad that you have been able to work through the haze to have found our not-so-hidden gems.

Unlike the large corporate media distributors, or other similar sites, we seek to provide not only information of importance, or entertainment, as well as services of use but also our thoughts and sincere efforts. Details are at the heart of what is relevant, interpretation at the heart of what is entertaining, and above all else quality defines the pride in which we offer all of this to you.

Too few media outlets focus on this point, injecting their own corporate agendas to drive profits before all else. Too few service companies work with clients to realize their goals. M V Consulting seeks to improve on that.

I invite you to take part in this experience with us. We also seek to hear your voice on the issues we bring up. It is the collection of our combined voices that effect change, and real understanding. Please feel free to always comment or contact us. We want to know what you think.

Now that I have written this barrage of information [It's never been said that I am short-winded or at a loss for words] let me leave you with this thought. Thank you for having come to our sites with your time and interest. We hope that you will return. Additionally we hope that you pass your opinions about our sites to your friends and colleagues. If we have done our job correctly, we need no other advertising.


Michael Vass
President – M V Consulting, Inc.